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Household Sounds - Prompt 24 - In the Dark; Shadows on the Wall

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Jul. 30th, 2010 | 11:58 pm
posted by: my_sam_dean in 30_caresses

Title:  Household Sounds
Characters:  Jenen/Jared
Rating:  R
Prompt:  24 - In the dark, shadows on the wall
Disclaimer:  I own no one.
Summary:  Jensen and Jared spend some quality time alone listening to the rain.

Moans and the sounds of shifting bodies floated through the closed door. Harley looked at Sadie, confused. A loud groan was all it took for Sadie to give up on getting her master's attention. She stomped down the hall and the stairs in her most unladylike way. The other dog didn't know why he was being ignored but still trotted in Sadie's wake. He was the follower of the two. It was his job. Besides, there was food downstairs. And toys. He'd almost forgotten about his favorite ball.

Calloused fingers mapped their way across Jared's body. He thought he'd heard his puppies outside his bedroom door but was quickly distracted by Jensen's touch. His hands calmed Jared into a lull and ignited his passion at the same time.

"Jared," Jensen's ragged was such a turn-on.

He arched his back as he pushed his head back into his pillow. "Mmmm," was all he could manage and that was pretty damn good considering his mind was mush.

The rain could be heard through the ajar window. A cool breeze washed over their sweaty bodies and brought goosebumps to their skin. Shivering, Jared blindly reached for Jensen, bringing their lips together.

Their warm mouths were a contrast to the air filtering in from outside. The pitter patter of the raindrops were an accompaniment to their actions. Jensen breathed into Jared's ear as he nibbled on the lobe.

A moan escaped Jared's lips as Jensen found just the right spot. "More . . ."

Jensen complied and the sounds coming from Jared's mouth told him how much he was appreciated. The slow movements without clothes interfering with sensations was heavenly. It became difficult to control the urge to move faster. Jensen stopped so he and Jared could attempt to catch their breath.


"Lie back. Give me a minute. Can't get too excited."

Jared replied cheekily, "I like being excited." He tried to gain more contact between their bodies. "Don't you?"

A soft laugh from above him made him chuckle yet still groan with frustration.


"You know it."

"Going to have to break you of that." Jensen lowered himself so his bottom half rested on Jared and the bed. "Could be fun."

"Ugh! Just might kill me."

"I'd never do that. Who else would let the dogs out at the crack of dawn? You know how I am in the mornings."

That got Jared's attention. "You'd leave Sadie and Harley to suffer?"

"Course not. I'd give them to Jeff. He has to get up with Bisou anyhow. Besides, they get along great." Jensen noticed that Jared had gone tense. "What?"

"If I died, you wouldn't love my dogs anymore?" Jared honestly seemed hurt.

"You pick the worst times to be serious. They aren't just yours anymore. They'd be with me."

He stared into Jensen's eyes, assessing the truth of what he'd said. "Promise?"

"Damn yes, I promise." There was a pause. "Can we get back to what we were doing?"

Jared agreed enthusiastically.

They had a long and loving night.


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